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BBQ State of Mind

Jul 13, 2017

Restaurateur Lee Ellis, owner of Cherry Pie Hospitality, is entering the
busy Houston barbecue scene with a new business, Ellis Brothers Barbecue.
Operating first as a pop-up at his Lee's Fried Chicken & Donuts shop, the
barbecue soon will make its debut as a separate smoked meats menu at
Cherry Pie's State Fare Kitchen & Bar in Memorial. Ellis, a longtime
fixture on the Houston restaurant scene and a lifelong barbecue fan, said
the time was right to bring his brand of barbecue to the market. Can the
man who has launched a number of popular Houston restaurants make it in
the competitive local barbecue landscape?
In this week's podcast, Ellis discusses his plans with Chris, Greg and Chron.com¹er (and mediaman-about-town) Craig Hlavaty.
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