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BBQ State of Mind

Jan 10, 2020

With apologies to Fats Domino, they've got a crazy way of BBQ'ing there. Chris and Greg chat with Tyler Harp, who is Kansas City’s premier (and perhaps only professional) practitioner of Central Texas-style barbecue. He made pilgrimages to places like Franklin and Snow’s and taught himself how to smoke brisket. 

Dec 12, 2019

Chris and Alison sit down with Buffalo Bayou Brewery owner Rassul Zarinfar and chef Arash Kharat to discuss how they infuse the flavors of Texas barbecue, and specifically Houston barbecue, into their beer and food menus. 

Nov 2, 2019

Pitmaster Eddie Ortiz details his story of an energy sector worker whose weekend barbecue passions turned into a regular gig. Founded in 2017, Eddie O’s is now a staple for craft barbecue aficionados and among the top-tier barbecue practitioners in Houston’s growing craft barbecue movement. He’s known as much...

Oct 15, 2019

Chef/owner of the El Topo food truck, Tony Luhrman, and Culinary Director Mike Serva chat with Chris and Greg in about how the duo moved into the Houston food truck scene having met while working at P.F. Chang's in San Antonio. The conversation turns to The Butcher's Ball, a charity event benefitting Urban Harvest....

Oct 8, 2019

Third-generation North Carolina barbecue pitmaster Sam Jones preaches the whole hog gospel; his family’s Skylight Inn is one of America’s great heritage barbecue institutions. Jones was among the pitmasters and chefs invited to cook at the 2019 Southern Smoke food festival, his second time appearing at Chris...